Hotkeys Metatrader 4

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Hotkeys Metatrader 4

Hotkeys Metatrader 4Hello friend of traders, on this occasion want to share with you about the List Of Hotkeys For Metatrader

Hotkeys Metatrader 4

Hotkeys Metatrader 4

Comprehensive checklist of keyboard hotkeys that are readily available for Metatrader 4 foreign exchange trading platform.

Metatrader Hotkey + quick description

F1 open up the on line assistance Userguide;.
F2 open up the History Center home window;.
F3 open up the Worldwide Variables window;.
F4 open MetaEditor;.
F5 switch to the following account;.
F6 call the Tester dialog home window for checking the expert affixed to the chart window;.
F7 call the residential properties dialog home window of the specialist connected to their chart window, in order to change its setups;.
F8 call the graph setup dialog home window, enabling basic graph criteria, shades, etc to be changed;.
F9 call the New Order window, allowing the entry of market, restriction, stop orders;.
F10 open the Popup costs window;.
F11 enable/disable full screen method;.
F12 scroll the chart one bar to the left;.

Shift+ F12 scroll the graph one bar to the right;.
Change+ F5 switch to the previous account;.

Hotkeys Metatrader 4

Hotkeys Metatrader 4

Alt +1 display the chart as OHLC bars;.
Alt +2 show the chart as OHLC candlesticks;.
Alt +3 show the chart as a line (closing rates just);.

Alt+ A duplicate all test/optimization results into the clipboard;.
Alt+ W call the graph management window;.
Alt+ F4 exit the class;.

Ctrl+ An organize all indicator home window elevations by default;.
Ctrl+ B call the Furnitures Listing dialog home window;.
Ctrl+ C or Ctrl+ Put copy to the clipboard;.
Ctrl+ D open/close the Information Window;.
Ctrl+ E enable/disable the affixed specialist advisor;.
Ctrl+ F switch to Crosshair method;.
Ctrl+ G show/hide the vertical/horizontal grid;.
Ctrl+ H show/hide the OHLC line;.
Ctrl+ I call the Indicators Checklist dialog home window;.
Ctrl+ L show/hide volume information on the main graph;.
Ctrl+ M open/close the marketplace Watch window;.
Ctrl+ N open/close the Navigator home window;.
Ctrl+ O open the Configuration home window;.
Ctrl+ P print the chart;.
Ctrl+ R open/close the Tester window;.
Ctrl+ S conserve the chart rates (OHLCV) in a file having expansions: CSV, PRN or HTM;.
Ctrl+ T open/close the Terminal home window;.
Ctrl+ W or Ctrl+ F4 close the graph home window that s currently in focus;.
Ctrl+ Y show/hide date (period) separators;.
Ctrl+ Z or Alt+ Backspace undo item deletions in the reverse order they occurred;.

Ctrl+ F6 change to the next graph home window;.
Ctrl+ F9 open the Terminal Trade window and also switch over the focus into it, enabling trading procedures to be gone into by means of the keyboard.

Left arrowhead scroll chart to the left;.
Right arrow scroll chart to the right;.
Up arrowhead quickly scroll graph to the left or (if the scale is defined), scroll graph upwards;.
Down arrow swiftly scroll chart to the right or (if the scale is specified), scroll graph downwards;.

Numpad 5 recovers chart upright scale to its initial default. If the range was specified, this returns the graph back to its noticeable variety;.

Hotkeys Metatrader 4

Hotkeys Metatrader 4

Page Up scroll a whole display to the left;.
Page Down scroll a whole screen to the left;.
House relocate the graph to the begin factor (first bar);.
End relocate the chart to the end factor (last, i.e. most present) bar;.

zoom out (there are 6 levels of zoom offered);.
+ zoom in;.

Erase delete all chosen objects;.
Backspace erase most just recently added items, on a last-added-first-removed basis;.

Enter open/close the rapid navigating home window;.
Esc close any dialog home window;.

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